Posted by: mrpeatie | June 28, 2011

Bowman Road and Highway 17 Construction

The construction at the intersection of Bowman Road and Highway 17 (Johnie Dodds Boulevard) entered a new phase this week as the main stretch of Highway 17 through the intersection will be closed for the next 10 months as an overpass can be built. Temporary lanes have been set up to allow traffic to continue to flow, but more delays then usual should be expected until the project is complete in the spring of 2012.

Below is a map of the how traffic will flow over the next 10 months with the green lines showing the how the temporary lanes will bypass the old lanes so the new overpass can be constructed. There is also a model rendering of what the overpass and intersection will look like when completed. The picture is looking north with Arby’s in the lower left and McDonalds in the upper right. Pictures were obtained from the Charleston Country Road Wise website which has more info, pictures, and updates on this and many other road projects throughout the county.


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