Posted by: mrpeatie | January 13, 2011

Winter Wonderland

If you weren’t sure, Winter officially arrived earlier this week as a powerful storm system moved its way across the South dumping snow and freezing rain over many areas that do not normally see such winter weather. Areas of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina all received anywhere from 3 to 11 inches of snow. Freezing rain was also an issue for those areas that didn’t get snow. It certainly wreaked havoc here in Charleston on Monday with the area bridges having to be closed for about 4 hours during the day because of icy conditions. The rare southern storm meant that 49 states had snow on the ground at one point this week. Florida was the only state that remained snow free. And yes, even Hawaii has snow at the tops of the island’s highest volcanic peaks.

The storm moved its way up the east coast and formed into a classic nor’easter dumping records amounts of snow in Connecticut with many areas getting over 2 feet in one day. Below is an image from NASA/GSFC showing the storm at 8:30am on January 12.

My brother lives in the Atlanta metro area. Schools have been closed for 4 days now. The city remains paralyzed as temperatures haven’t gotten above freezing to melt anything. I always hate when Northerners rip on Southerners for cancellations and closings when even the slightest winter weather hits. It’s not that we are wimps, it’s that we don’t have the equipment to clear the roads. We don’t have a fleet of plows and salt trucks waiting to head out when the first snow flake falls. This pretty much sums up the situation in Atlanta this week.


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