Posted by: mrpeatie | June 1, 2010

Hurricane Season Starts Today

Track of Hurricane Gaston

Living near the coast in a lovely town like Charleston has many positives. However, if residents were to make a list of negatives, the most likely number one would be hurricane season. Although a direct and/or significant impact from a tropical storm is relatively rare (last ones were Charley and Gaston in 2004), the threat of our town being decimated by a powerful hurricane is prominent and in the back of our minds for 5 months out of every year.

This season’s hurricane forecast is not a good one. Many factors are aligned that could potentially lead to an active season. Although these long range forecasts on something as dynamic as hurricanes aren’t always accurate, most hurricane experts are in agreement and seem to think this year will be above normal in activity.

The season got off to a bad start with Tropical Storm Agatha. It was technically a Pacific storm and it only reached tropical storm strength for all of 12 hours, but it has killed close to 150 people in Guatemala and El Salvador making it one of the top 10 deadliest Pacific storms of all time.


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