Posted by: mrpeatie | February 23, 2010

Toastmasters Reunion

We’ve done a lot of themed meetings at our Toastmasters club. A few of the most recent ones were a pet theme (only pictures and stories, not real pets) and a food theme (real food). The core meeting structure usually stays the same but the themes add some fun and flair to the normal routine you know so well.

Our most recent meeting had a Toastmasters reunion theme. Our club used this opportunity to track down and invite anyone and everyone we could find who had ever been a part of our club over the last 8+ years. There’s a bit of work involved finding old members and reaching out to them. If you have contact information, you can divvy up these duties to several of your current club members so one person isn’t responsible for contacting everyone.

You may want to adjust the normal meeting by only having one or two regular speeches. The extra time can be used for extra table topics and/or introductions from the guests so everyone visiting has at least one opportunity to speak.

I thought this was a fantastic idea that our executive committee came up with. It’s a great way to inject some new faces into your meetings and you never know, some of those old members might recall all the positives things about Toastmasters and rejoin the club!



  1. Love your blog! Don’t know how I’ve missed this. Great way to share your thoughts and I love the photos.

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