Posted by: mrpeatie | January 21, 2010

Charleston Stingrays and the Sweetest Goal You May Ever See

Hopefully you haven’t forgotten about your Charleston Stingrays as they finish up the 2nd half of the season and look to defend their ECHL Championship and the Kelly Cup they won last year. It can be difficult for a championship team to maintain that high level of play following a championship season as all the other teams are usually gunning for the champs. It’s even harder in a minor league system like the ECHL where players and personnel are constantly moving and shifting from teams and leagues. Despite all that, the Stingrays find themselves atop the South Division and playing well. For game and ticket info, visit their website.

Although the ECHL is 2 tiers below the NHL, that doesn’t mean the quality of the product on the ice isn’t entertaining. Some of the Stingrays games I’ve been to are as intense and energetic as some NHL games I’ve seen. And while yes, these players aren’t as talented as NHL or even AHL players, you’ll still see some quality hockey action. If you don’t believe me, I give you exhibit A in the video below. It is a goal from a recent ECHL game featuring the Victoria Salmon Kings. I’ve seen A LOT of amazing goals in the 30+ years I’ve been watching hockey and this is one of the best.


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