Posted by: mrpeatie | December 9, 2009

Pacific Storm Sends Huge Swells to Hawaii’s North Shore

A powerful and turbulent north Pacific storm last week sent a huge swell of energy and waves thousands of miles south where it ran into the north shore of Oahu creating some of the biggest waves seen there in years. One of Hawaii’s most famous surf spots, Waimae Bay, was the main focal point as big wave surfers from all over the world converged there to ride the 30ft plus waves and compete in the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Competition. This surfing contest is only held when waves at Waimae Bay are this big. This was only the eighth time the contest has been held since 1984 with the last one taking place in 2004.

If you have even the slightest interest in surfing or big waves, I could not recommend viewing the big wave surfing documentary, Riding Giants, enough. It is by far the most entertaining and compelling documentary I’ve ever seen and I’m not even a surfer.

Photos below are from Reuters but video is the best way to truly appreciate the power and ferocity of these waves and the risk these riders take paddling out into the surf.


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