Posted by: mrpeatie | November 24, 2009

Holiday Peeps!!?!1!?

My fondness for Easter candy, specifically Peeps, is well documented. For the longest time I cursed the fine people who make Peeps for only allowing their delicious marshmallow candy to be available for a short period of time around Easter. It never made sense to me that they wouldn’t expand their product offering to include candy for other holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

I strolled into the office Monday morning and found a box of Snowmen Peeps on my desk. I’m not sure how long these have been around, but when I showed them to friends and coworkers, nobody else had seen them before and everyone was excited about the prospects of enjoying the sugary wonder that is Peeps over the holidays.

A link on their packaging directed me to their website and it turns out they also have Christmas tree Peeps, chocolate reindeer Peeps, and Gingerbread man peeps. There are also a variety of Peeps for Halloween and Valentine’s Day. It appears Christmas has come early with the gift of Peeps all year round.



  1. haven’t we discussed the cadbury egg previously? why not those all year? p.s. did you read chapter 3 and see the launch photo?

  2. I’m sure we have discusses this important topic before. I guess Cadbury Eggs for Halloween or Valentine’s Day don’t make sense. Maybe they could change them to Cadbury hearts and jack o’ lanterns or something.

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