Posted by: mrpeatie | October 18, 2009

Pressure Point Self Defense

I spent all day Friday and Saturday getting trained and certified by Master Robert Moran in his system of self defense based off pressure points. Anyone with knowledge of these points can show them to you and talk about how they work, but one of the best ways to truly understand their effectiveness is to have it done to you. Fortunately we recorded one of these demonstrations which I present to you here.

There’s a second video on Facebook featuring yours truly again that incorporates a pressure point on the back of your neck. That one really hurt and is probably the closet thing to Spock’s Vulcan neck pinch. None of my reactions are embellished for affect, especially in the second video. I truly crumbled to the ground like that and hoped he would let go quickly.

If you have any interest in learning about this system of self defense, Japan Karate Institute is now offering a two year program where you learn the system Master Moran has refined over the years. You can read more about it here or check out over a hundred similar videos Master Moran has posted on his Youtube channel, Zanwack.



  1. Very interesting. I studied since 1961 under Dan Ivan and Hidetaka Nishiyama. In 1965 Dan brought Fumio Demura over as a chief instructor. He was young then. Now he has done a great job of spreading improved and analyzed techniques is 31 countries and most states in the USA.

    I have started several dojos that my top blackbelts teach to this day.

    Karate-do, street martial arts (Dan Ivan), weapons (Fumio Demura), Aikido, aido, kendo, etc have all been internalized – at 67 and isolated now I miss all those years of training. I liked free-style sparring the best. For demonstrations we would often add in pressure points and leverages, and street techniques. Thanks for sharing your blog.

  2. The one point technique is interesting – never seen it before. All the other moves are common for our system as well.

    Thank you for the demo.

    Dr Don Zarlenga, most Advanced degree awarded by Sakigami, Sensei Demura’s main teacher. Sakigami studied under Gishin Funikoshi.
    Main Dojo Now: Fumio Demura, Santa Ana, CA.

  3. Christopher Donahue – Good Work

    The MN school I started, then returned to CA in 1974 after advancing three students to Shodan:

    Fritz Speck is the chief instructor there now. I visit them once and awhile. If I could afford it, I would visit once a year. His students are good, women, children and men. They are courteous, polite, respectful. Even the children are well behaved and have good clean movements.

    Fritz MN Websie:

    Thanks again for your blog. If you are not associated with any larger organization I would suggest you contact Sensei Fumio Demura – you can locate him at – Please tell him that Don Zarlengo recommended the contact. In any event it would be nice if you two knew each other.

    You can reach me at my email address: (Dr Donald G Zarlenga, Italian spelling of last name)

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