Posted by: mrpeatie | July 28, 2009

It’s Quiet…Too Quiet

We are almost two full months into the 2009 Hurricane Season and there has yet to be a named storm (the first one will be called Ana by the way). There really hasn’t been much of anything so far this year, which is good. A few tropical waves were monitored earlier in the month and that storm from last week that formed off the Carolinas and moved up the east coast was more a nor’easter than a tropical storm.

So what does all the talk of an average hurricane season, El Ninos, and a slow start mean? Not much.

Hurricane Andrew — 1992

Hurricane Andrew

The 2004 season started off quiet as well. The first storm that year (Alex) formed on July 31. The remainder of that season included hurricanes Charley, Frances, Gaston, Ivan, and Jeanne. In 1992 the first tropical storm of the season formed on August 16. It was named Andrew. An image of it’s devastation on South Florida can be seen below.

Bill Gates Will Save US!

Bill Gates’ work with his charitable foundation and its fight against malaria is well documented so it was a bit weird reading about his newest idea, fighting hurricanes. A 2008 patent by Gates and his friends present a plan to reduce hurricane strength by cooling sea surface temperatures near the storms. It’s logistically, technically, and legally very complicated but if anyone can figure something like this out, I imagine it would be Mr. Gates.



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