Posted by: mrpeatie | July 27, 2009

Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park

park mapI made my first trip to the new Waterfront Park in Mt. Pleasant yesterday. Lovely place they found tucked underneath the bridge. There is a lot there including a playground for the youngins, an open field, kayak launching dock, war memorial, concession stand, gift shop, plenty of benches and tables, and most importantly, lots of shade being under the bridge and all.

The best part is definitely the pier which is built on top of pilings from the old Silas Pearman Bridge. At 1,250 feet, it extends out to almost the first diamond tower of the Ravenel Bridge offering stunning views of the harbor and Cooper River. The main attraction seems to be fishing of the pier. Although I didn’t notice anyone catching anything, everyone seemed to be enjoying it.  I think I read you need a permit to fish so be sure to check into that if interested.  Parking was ample and costs 50 cents per hour.

A second phase of the park is scheduled to be built in the area marked ‘future use’ on the map. There is no construction schedule for this phase yet, but it is planned to include an amphitheater. A section for a dog park is also in the plans but the town is considering selling that portion to a developer saying that the property is too valuable to be used as a dog park.

Park Entrance View

Memorial Fountain

End of Pier3




  1. I absolutely love this place! It would be interesting to see how many of the visitors are locals and how many are visitors to the area.

    • My wife and I absolutely love this place. We usually take our son down after dinner. It is perfect in the evenings. Lots of wildlife too! We have seen manatees and dolphins. Perfect for a picnic! I think alot of local families do the same.

  2. That would be interesting. I guess there’s no real way to figure that out unless you poll people. It seemed most everyone fishing of the pier were locals though.

  3. hey chris, i took the kiddos there too. why is the gate into the play area so far away from the parking lot? other than they don’t want kids to run out in front of cars. but i gotta lot of kids, gate needs to be more centrally located!

  4. just catching up on your blog!! chris and i went to the park last week and i really enjoyed it. just remember to bring cash to pay to park! i can’t wait for the amphitheater to be built!

  5. Hi, my name is Christopher Nelson. I am emailing from Charleston Magazine. We are doing a feature on playgrounds / recreational parks around the area and I came across several of your photographs of Mt. Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park. I was wondering if it would be possible to get high resolution images of the photos. I saw a few on your website / blog that looked really interesting. If it would be possible to get those, that would be great. Thanks!

    If you are able to send the high resolution photos and we are able to feature them in our magazine, who should we credit the image to and what is your mailing address?

  6. I can send you the images I have before I cropped them to fit this blog template. I have a pretty old digital camera so I don’t know how hi res they will be. Just let me know where I can send them.

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