Posted by: mrpeatie | March 25, 2009

Table Topics 3.24.09

tmlogo_s_cThe table topic theme for our Toastmasters meeting yesterday was centered around the economy and financial woes many of us find ourselves in.

The first question asked was what would you do to make some extra money in these trying economic times? The second question asked where the safest place for you to put your money is these days? Mabye invest in gold? Under the mattress? The final question was the most unique. The Table Topics master created an image of a post-apocalyptic world that came as a result of this financial mess and asked what your role in this world would be? Maybe a Blacksmith? Trader? Pirate?

Themed meetings
We continued with our themed meetings approach with animals being theme. The Toastmaster of the Day offered several interesting tid-bits about animals throughout the meeting. Did you know a group of hippos is called bloat or that a group of humming birds is called charm? The TMOD also had a quick animal story about each person they had to introduce. This sort of information obviously needs to be obtained before the meeting. The word of the day was animal themed as well. Sort of.

verb – li•on•ized, li•on•iz•ing, li•on•iz•es
To look on or treat (a person) as a celebrity.

Ah Counter Dilemma
How does your club handle the ah counter report? Ours will just give a general report on the use of fillers by the group as a whole. We will not call out a specific person and say how many filler words they used. If they want to know, they can check with the ah counter after the meeting. We transitioned to this method a few years ago as it’s more politically correct and less abrasive I guess. I’m not a fan of this and I didn’t do it this way for the yesterday’s meeting. I prefer to tell each person the exact number of fillers I caught them using. Yes, it can be harsh but filler words suck and if you use 20 of them in 60 second table topic response, then I want you to know it so you can focus more on avoiding them and get better for next time.



  1. totally agree with you, the report must be detailed and include each TM name, otherwise the whole purpose is lost.

  2. I’m slowly turning the tide with our club. A few others have started giving detailed and specific reports, but not everyone.

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