Posted by: mrpeatie | February 26, 2009

More Album Art Designs

A couple more Facebook friends have posted their Album Art Designs. I’m really enjoying these and thought I’d share. I’ll keep adding more here as they come up and this meme catches on.








  1. […] A new and very unique meme came my way over the weekend and it’s fantastic. It’s called the Album Art Design Challenge. It does require a little Internet research via Wikipedia and Flickr as well as some quick Photoshopping but the point is to follow the specific directions to come up your fictitious band name, album title, and cover art. The directions are posted below along with the results of my Album Art Design Challenge. The two others below it are from some Facebook friends of mine who also completed the challenge. It should only take about 20 minutes. It is good fun and the results are surprisingly believable. I’v eposted some more recent album art designs here. […]

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