Posted by: mrpeatie | February 24, 2009

Table Topics 2.24.09

tmlogo_s_cToday was a regular Toastmasters meeting. We had a banana theme for the meeting because our speakers were named Hannah and Anna and that rhymes with banana. Themed meetings are pretty cool and I would recommend trying it out to see if it works for your club. The Toastmaster of the Day will usually have some of his or her dialogue revolve around theme and the table topics questions will also be related to theme.

What kind of table topic questions can you get from bananas?

The first one is an older table topics question I had seen before, but with an added banana themed twist:

Pretend you are a sales rep and attempt to sell your organic bananas to a shopping store sales manager.

I got stuck with the 2nd question. It isn’t that hard, but I struggled with it as I’m wont to do from time to time with table topics:

Bananas can also be a state of mind. For example, people can sometimes ‘go bananas’. Tell us about a time you or someone you know went bananas.

bananaThe final banana table topic was pretty straightforward:

Tell us about your favorite or least favorite banana related food.

I would suggest experimenting with themed meetings. They can be fun and do a great job of breaking up the monotony of regular meetings. Try to give your members as much advanced notice as possible so everyone can get into it. Heck even our word of the day was banana themed…sort of.

banausic {buh-naw-sik] –adjective
serving utilitarian purposes only; mechanical; practical:


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