Posted by: mrpeatie | February 11, 2009

Dave Matthews Album and Twitter Update

Dave's Taylor guitar from the studio

Dave's Taylor guitar from the Updatestudio

Update 4.4.09: The band released a cool video showing 15 lucky fans who got to meet Dave and the band in their New Orleans studio and got to listen to a tiny morsel from the new album. The video is great as the intro to the song is unique and you can tell a few of the fans were a bit nervous as to where the song was going and then…

Update 2.27.09: The next Dave Matthews Band studio album, scheduled for release on June 2, 2009 will be titled Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King

Dave Matthews has been actively tweeting for a couple months now and it’s been very interesting and entertaining following him. The subject matter of his tweets has ranged from music, to politics, to farts. He’s also posted some pictures from the studio. The music tweets have been most interesting as fans can glean some information about the new album they are working on. A tweet from earlier this week mentioned how the band is working hard and finishing up the new album. There was also a tweet a few months back stating that any new album would consist of entirely new music and wouldn’t contain unreleased songs they may have played on tour over the last couple of years.  There’s been no information on when it might be released. Here’s a small roundup of some music related tweets:

  • We are working to get the album done. Good good. I hope you all agree. I hope you like it. Listen and listen before you judge. I love it.
  • I think all the music on the next cd is gonna be new music. Just because.
  • Cheers to you. I think the vibe is good in here. Carter is a miracle.
  • Everything is good. Fonz and I playing today. I think I like it.
  • I been playing different guitars. One looks quite a bit like a strat but Rob Cavallo had it made for me (I liked his).
  • Studio with everyone. Tim went on the road with TR3 for a few weeks. he will be back. Progress.
  • I am in the studio. Sitting at the piano. Things are forming from the broken stones. I think I like it. I’m sorry I’ve been so absent. Good.
A break from recording to build a snowman

A break from recording to build a snowman

Dave has just over 35,000 followers as of this post which puts him around #50 on’s list of twitter accounts with the most followers. Surprisingly, a lot of Dave’s tweets are short but direct responses to the legions of followers and fans. This is a bit surprising as there are probably tons of fans constantly tweeting to Dave all the time. I’m sure he only has time to respond to a small fraction of his followers, but the fact that he responds at all to random followers is admirable.

In following Dave we also get some insight into his unique and rather odd personality. He seems to have a fascination with farts. But then again, don’t we all.

  • I wonder if snail farts smell if you’re close enough to the snail’s asshole to smell something so tiny?
  • Egg farts can be quite stunning
  • I am in the woods of Virginia enjoying peace and family. My farts could melt the polar ice caps if I’m not a little more sparing. Greetings.
  • My farts smell like applepie baking in the oven or lavender or.
  • I find that, while taking a shit Quite often I’m inclined to twit It’s happened again And again and again So I’m taking more time to do it


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