Posted by: mrpeatie | January 20, 2009

Crazy Winter Weather

coldweatherIt appears the snow flurries were a bust here today, at least in the Daniel Island/Mount Pleasant area. It would be nice to see some snowflakes at some point this winter. However, the chance of flurries and cold temps in January, even in Charleston, isn’t really all that crazy. It’s called Winter.

For really crazy weather, you should have been in Alaska earlier this month. The cold air the came through the US last week originated up in Alaska and Canada. When that cold air moves down into the US something has to fill the void and in this case it was warm air. The air wasn’t all that warm, but compared to the cold air that was in place, it was a drastic change. How drastic? Well in Fairbanks, Alaska the cold air dropped the temp to a low of -46 degrees Fahrenheit. By the time the warm air settled in the temperature reached 44 degrees. That is a temperature change of 90 degrees in only a couple days.

Think about that. That would be like one week here in the summer the temperature gets up to its usual 90-95 degrees, then a cold front comes on through and the temp drops to 0 in a few days? Now that’s some crazy winter weather.


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