Posted by: mrpeatie | January 13, 2009

Table Topics 1.13.09

tmlogo_s_c“How would you describe yourself as an object? For example, Toastmaster Chris, how would you describe yourself as a table?”

Uhhhhhhh….say what now? 

Yes, I got stuck with that doozey of a question for Table Topics this morning. My answer was a rambling mess of a response that talked about how tables have legs and so do I. There was something else in my response about how when you look at a table it doesn’t look like there is much to it, but upon closer inspection there’s a lot going when you look closer at all the details and people are like that too. Believe me, it was as painful as it sounds. 

I missed the next question as I relived how bad mine went in my head, but the last question I really liked. If you could be any age for a week what age would you be and why? I like table topics questions like this one. Not because it’s easy, but simply because the response will be more interesting and entertaining for everyone involved. The Toastmaster who got called on wanted to be the age of her sons who are in their early 20’s. I think I would have gone younger to around 11-13. Being able to be a kid again and play all those dorky, fun games with your neighborhood friends and not caring about the real world one bit. Those were the days. What about age would you want to be?

My main role in the meeting was a speech evaluator. I was evaluating the visual aid speech. I’ve seen a lot of these over the years and a majority of Toastmasters use a laptop and Powerpoint combination projected over the screen we have in our meeting room. The problem is there is almost always an issue with setting it up. Most Toastmasters don’t get their early to make sure everything will run smoothly so they have to futz with everything as they get called up to give their speech. This completely ruins any energy or momentum. I can’t stress the importance of making sure everything is good to go with your your visual aids before your speech.



  1. I had a hell of a time setting up the ppt for my dads visual aid speech. Everyone kept telling me you should have gotten here earlier, but, all I could say, I was not driving the car!!!

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