Posted by: mrpeatie | January 7, 2009

Sue the BCS

Before all the big college football bowl games started a few weeks ago, you may have noticed some other college football on the TV featuring random teams like James Madison, Montana, and Richmond. This was the Division I AA playoffs. Division I AA is equivalent of the minor leagues of college football and they determine their national champion on the field with a 16 team tournament and not some crazy computer formula that is fraught with controversy. 

Utah fans and players celebrate a perfect 13-0 season. Photo by Mike Eagan.

Utah fans and players celebrate an undefeated season. Photo by Mike Eagan.

In the end, the Richmond Spiders beat out Montana in the championship game. Richmond finished the regular season ranked 7th with an 8-3 record, but pulled it together at the right time and showed they were the best team on the field when it mattered most. 

Tomorrow night Florida will play Oklahoma and the winner of that game will be crowned the BCS Champion. Both teams come into this game having lost one game earlier in the season. Watching this all will be the Utah Utes who finished the season 13-0 but will not have a chance at the BCS national championship because they do not play in a BCS sanctioned conference like the Big 12 or the SEC. Utah beat 4 teams in the top-25 during the season and beat an Alabama team in the Sugar Bowl that was ranked #1 in the country for 5 weeks during the season. This is the 2nd time in 5 years Utah will finish the season undefeated and not even be considered for the BCS national championship.

Screw the BCS. Well, actually someone may sue the BCS. In an interesting turn of events, the Utah Attorney General is considering a lawsuit against the BCS for violating antitrust laws. The claim is that the BCS puts schools like Utah at a competitive and financial disadvantage.

If the lawsuit does get filed it probably won’t be held up but hopefully it will force the BCS to make some changes in the near future to a playoff system that every other sport in college uses to determine its national champion. Is Utah better then Oklahoma, Florida, or Texas? Maybe. Maybe not, but they deserve the chance to find out on the field just like those pesky Spiders from Richmond.


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