Posted by: mrpeatie | December 29, 2008

The View from the Street

I love maps. I can look at a map of darn near anything and find it interesting and enjoyable. Google Maps is one of my favorite websites. I love checking out the nooks and crannies of my town or getting directions on where I need to go. When the satellite view was added I was in heaven and Google Earth managed to make that even cooler. 

Google’s Street View takes things one step farther by providing a panoramic street level view of many cities and regions in the country and the world. Charleston was recently added so if you haven’t virtually walked downtown or checked to see if your home is on there, take a look

It’s not only really cool, it’s really helpful. I always check out Google Maps before I go anywhere new to make sure I know how to get there and have my bearings straight. Over the holidays I was meeting a friend for lunch at an eatery just north of Atlanta. I had directions to the place via Google Maps, but I used the Street View to actually see what the intersections I needed to turn at looked like. I have to pick up a package today at a local UPS store I’ve never been too and I know exactly what the building looks like and where to turn. It’s a very handy resource.

What Google did was mount a fancy camera on a fleet of cars and drove them all around the country taking pictures. I don’t think Google even anticipated some of the random things these pictures would capture like fights, topless sunbathers, infidelity, and other oddities.

Update: More craziness caught with the Goolge camera. While mapping upstate New York, a deer ran out onto the road infront of the Google Maps car and got hit. Camera caught it all.




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