Posted by: mrpeatie | December 18, 2008

Table Topics 12.9.08

tmlogo_s_cEvery few months our club likes to change things up a bit and do a speak-a-thon in lieu of a regular meeting. In these speak-a-thons we cut out the table topics, ah counter, grammarian, general evaluator roles and just bust out 4-5 speeches and evaluations. It’s a good change of pace and gives our speakers a chance to keep progressing through their manuals.

I was all set to evaluate a speech for this meeting.  I was really looking forward to it as I hadn’t had a chance to evaluate in a long time and feared my skills were slowly dying like a neglected house plant. Unfortunately the holidays can be hectic and two of our scheduled speakers had to back down at the last minute including the person I was set to evaluate.  With no role and several minutes of meeting time to fill, I was asked to come up with some table topics questions on the fly. These were impromptu, impromptu questions. I kept things simple and went with a holiday theme. 

My first question dealt with holiday travels and family drama. I’m fortunate to not have to travel too far and have a rather normal family so my holidays have always been relaxing and stress free. I often hear horror stories from friends and co-workers about travel and family drama so I asked for any memorable holiday stories. The response was about a nightmare holiday trip in an ice storm many years ago involving dozens of accidents. 

My second question was based off that car commercial where it’s a flashback of a kid remembering his greatest holiday gift ever. I changed it up and asked for the best or worst holiday gift ever received. The response to this question talked about the horror of getting clothes for the holidays when you were younger. 

My final question had to do with shopping. I hadn’t even started my Christmas shopping at the time and was curious what kind of shopper other Toastmasters were. Some people get it done in September, others procrastinate, others do it all on Black Friday and still others take care of most if online these days so I asked what kind of holiday shopper are you. The response for this one was a procrastinator who talked about how she often found herself shopping on Christmas Eve.



  1. thanks for this, it’s very helpful!

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