Posted by: mrpeatie | November 25, 2008

Blogging Fatigue and How to End Spam Forever

bloggingfatigueI’ve been a bad blogger. Since concocting this little side project earlier this year, I found I was consistent with putting up around 10 posts a month of varying quality and value to all my readers…both of them.  I felt it coming on late last month —blogging fatigue. Ideas for posts were few and far between and the motivation to post even if I had something worth writing about wasn’t really there. I’m thinking this is somewhat normal for a personal type blog? The same thing happens with karate training. We encourage students to take 1-2 weeks off at least once a year to just get away and recharge. The routine can become tedious and complacency can set in which can have a negative impact a student’s karate development. So maybe I’ll tell myself that is what is going on here lately.

What I should be doing with my Internet hobby time is spamming. That is where the money is at. An interesting study posted by shows that spammers get 1 response per 12,500,000 emails (and I thought a 4% click-through rate for my work emails was bad). The study blasted people with over 350 million emails and they actually got 28 sales out of it. Numbers like these equate to $7,000 a day for the spammer which equals roughly $3 million a year. We are in the wrong business folks.

All these laws to stop spammers are useless. We aren’t ever going to catch or stop them. What we need to do is take all the resources and figure out who those 28 people are and ban them from the Internets forever. That’s how to stop spam. You heard it here first.


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