Posted by: mrpeatie | November 14, 2008

RIP Mars Phoenix

The first glimpse of water-ice on Mars

The first glimpse of water-ice on Mars

Earlier this month, the Mars Phoenix Lander went silent, losing its battle against the cold, dark Martian winter. NASA has continued to listen for signs of life but has officially ended all operations around this mission. The lander’s demise was expected. In fact, it was only supposed to be in operation for 3 months, but the little lander that could went on for almost 5 months exceeding all expectations on its durability.

The Phoenix Lander launched in August 2007 and landed farther North on Mars than any other probe before it. During it’s time it carried out all kinds of experiments on the Martian soil to determine whether or not it was ever capable of supporting life. It even found traces of water-ice just below the surface. 

The mission has been a PR success for NASA because of its experiments and the almost pop-like status the lander received from its widely popular twitter profile. I will surely miss the entertaining and educational updates Mars Phoenix has provided. Thankfully, NASA has set up twitter profiles for several other high profile missions.



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