Posted by: mrpeatie | November 13, 2008

When Did Mt. Pleasant Get a Landfill?

I always knew about the landfill on Bees Ferry road, but when did Charleston County sneak in a landfill right in the heart of Mt. Pleasant? Next time you travel on 526 in Mt. Pleasant, you will notice the grass median is now being used as a landfill. Well maybe not officially, but the amount of trash that has accumulated along this entire stretch from the Route 17 overpass all the way up to the Wando River Bridge is disgraceful. Now I realize there is always some amount of trash that will be lying around highways and interstates, but this is ridiculous. It’s abundant and everywhere. There are tires, cans, bottles, boxes, plastic bags, and all other kinds of refuse littered throughout the median. I even saw a mattress a few weeks back but thankfully that was removed.

This is one of 3 main routes into Mt. Pleasant and this trash will be the first thing many will see. I love the new ‘Welcome to Mt. Pleasant’ sign at the Long Point Road intersection and now I know why it’s over there on the right side of the road – to divert your attention from all the trash to your left on the median.


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