Posted by: mrpeatie | October 31, 2008

Boo! SCE&G to Increase Rates

How does a rate increase make you feel?

How does a rate increase make you feel?

I don’t mean to scare you on this frightful day, but your power bill will be going up very soon. Back in June SCE&G filed an application requesting an increase to its electric and gas base rates.  Earlier this week, state utility regulators agreed to implement the 6% mid-year rate increase. The average monthly bill is around $100 so expect it to go about by about $6.

The cited reasons for the rate increase:

SCE&G President Kevin Marsh said the company needs the additional revenue to ensure continued safe and reliable service to its customers. Among the factors driving the need for those additional funds, he cited mandatory environmental upgrades to the company’s generating plants, increased costs associated with growing and maintaining reliability of the company’s electric transmission and distribution system and other operating expenses.

I like how they led off with ‘mandatory environmental upgrades’. You get the sense that they wouldn’t be doing those pesky environmental upgrades unless they were forced to. To SCE&G’s credit, this is the first rate increase since 2004 despite investing over $100 million in clean air technologies.


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