Posted by: mrpeatie | October 24, 2008

Salt n’ Peppa

I couldn’t even guess how many times I’ve used the McCormic brand pepper shaker. I loves me some pepper and put it on most meals. I never actually looked at the container very closely though. The word PEPPER is clearly marked and that is all I need to know. I’m sure I noticed there were pictures on it but I just assumed the pictures were of foods that pepper compliments well like a juicy steak or grilled foods. It was an observant colleague who took a closer look the other day and brought to my attentions a classic WFT? moment.

Because nothing says pepper better then a tall, cool glass of lemonade

Because nothing says pepper better then a tall, cool glass of lemonade

Upon closer examination the pictures on the pepper shaker include a watermelon, a lawn chair and umbrella, a sailboat, and a glass of lemonade. WTF do any of those have to do with pepper? Is this a joke? A mistake? Witty advertising similar to this broccoli packaging?

Maybe it’s just me and I’m the crazy one to think it’s weird to put pepper on watermelon or in lemonade.  It is a possibility seeing as I put water in my cereal sometimes and didn’t know pickles were actually cucumbers in disguise.

The salt shaker was slightly more normal with pictures of a potato and corn on the cob, both foods that go well with salt. But it also had some peculiar image choices including carrots, lettuce, and oddly enough, a pepper.



  1. The best explanation I’ve heard is that these items are mainly marketed as accessories for a picnic type event and the pictures represent that…a bit of stretch, but plausible. Still, if you are marketing your product for picnic use, at least have pictures of foods where you can use your product on at said picnic.

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