Posted by: mrpeatie | October 18, 2008

Lawsuits, Amputations, and Recalls

Here’s a quick roundup of three random, yet intriguing stories from this week that you may have missed.

Boston musician Bart Steele is suing Bon Jovi for copyright infringement of one of his songs for, get this – $400 billion. Steele claims the Bon Jovi tune I Love This Town was ripped off from his song Man I Love This Team, a catchy little jingle he wrote for his beloved Red Sox. Sounds a bit outrageous for sure, but apparently the copyright law says you can sue up to $100,000 per CD sold. The album the Bon Jovi song is on, Lost Highway, has sold 4 million copies. Do the math and you get $400 billion. Many bloggers have joked about the US government and taxpayers potentially bailing out the iconic American songwriter if found guilty.

Just take if off then doc

Just take it off then doc

Mesa State College linebacker, Trevor Wikre broke his pinkie just a few games into his senior season. Faced with season ending surgery, Wikre opted to amputate his finger instead. It was, surprisingly, an easy decision for him to make he said.

Video Game Recall
Sony was all set to release one of its biggest games this week in LittleBigPlanet. The charming and creative side-scrolling platformer has been critically acclaimed and was set to revolutionize modern gaming by allowing users almost unlimited freedom in generating content and levels.

Sony has issued a world-wide recall just prior to its release date after one of the background songs in the game quotes two verses from the Qur’an. The song in which the verses are in has been released for months and has caused no controversy. Sony is just being overly cautious here in not wanting to potentially offend anyone and doesn’t want any negative press to harm sales of its potential holiday blockbuster.


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