Posted by: mrpeatie | October 14, 2008

Table Topics 10.14.08

I returned to Toastmasters this morning and was privy to some crafty table topics questions and I thought I’d share as a few folks stumble across this here blog looking for TM and table topics related information every now and then.

The first Toastmaster was called on and had to pick someone in the room as a running mate as if they were in the presidential election. I thought this was a rather interesting and timely approach to table topics. The question is a good one because it opens up several possibilities for a response. You could pick a club officer, a seasoned TM veteran, a new member or do what this first Toastmaster did and pick a random guest as a running mate.

The second Toastmaster was then told they were running against the first Toasmaster and had to also pick a running mate to counter that pick. Both responses were very entertaining and humorous.

The 2nd question focused on an issue of sorts, sleep. The first Toastmaster was asked to defend the notion that we need a good amount of sleep every night. Another Toastmaster was picked and had to take the other side of the issue and talk about why sleep is overrated and not completely necessary.

Both responses were solid and I liked the concept here, but thought a better issue could have been used. Perhaps a real world issue or maybe some issue at the office where we all work could have made this question a bit more compelling.


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