Posted by: mrpeatie | October 7, 2008

Walking the Bridge Could Cost You

Would you walk the bridge as much if you have to pay?

Will you walk the bridge as much if you have to pay?

Mt. Pleasant’s $14 million Memorial Waterfront Park is scheduled to open next summer. Nestled in the shadows of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, the park will be a welcome addition to the areas park system. There is one catch though: town administrators conveniently forgot to budget in the costs of maintaining said park (estimated at $400,000 a year) and the solution will be to charge $1 per hour to park there.

It sounds a bit sketchy to charge residents to park at a place that was built with taxpayer money, but some will argue that it currently costs $1 to get into our county parks and people don’t make a huge fuss about that. Maintenance costs are a necessity but maybe the town should have held out on building something until they were sure they had the necessary funds to keep it up and running.

And then there is the rumor swirling about that the town will close the free parking along Patriot’s Point Road that bridge walkers use thus forcing them to use the $1 parking at Waterfront Park. Walking the bridge is such an enjoyable experience. It is so good to see health conscious citizens using the bike and walking path on the bridge everyday.  It would be despicable for the town to close this free parking and force people to have to now pay for something we’ve enjoyed for free all these years simply because of their incompetence in failing to plan ahead for the costs associated with maintaining the new park.



  1. Heard on the radio today that you can still park for free at the sports complex parking lot which is about a half mile down Patriots Point Road.

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