Posted by: mrpeatie | September 29, 2008

Prayers Answered, Bowden to be Fired?

Update: Bowden is out as Clemson head coach. Dabo Swinney is named the interim head coach. Clemson should be having a news conference this evening (10/13) to officially make the announcement. is reporting that a press conference has been scheduled by Clemson school officials and will announce the termination of Tommy Bowden:

Rumors are circulating around Clemson University that head football coach Tommy Bowden may be on his way out. School officials have reportedly scheduled a press conference for this afternoon or tomorrow, at which time a replacement will be named.

The claims stem from reports that Terry Don Phillips, the Clemson athletics director, has been in talks with other coaching candidates.

But some fans say it’s just wishful thinking and confirmation of the story is difficult to obtain.

Bowden has come under fire after a disappointing 3-2 start to the season, including a loss to unranked Maryland Saturday. He has also been widely criticized for refusing to fire offensive coordinator Mike Spence.


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