Posted by: mrpeatie | September 26, 2008

Follow Dave Matthews on Twitter

Follow Dave on Twitter

Follow Dave on Twitter

Update 4.4.09: The band released a cool video showing 15 lucky fans who got to meet Dave and the band in their New Orleans studio and got to listen to a tiny morsel from the new album. The video is great as the intro to the song is unique and you can tell a few of the fans were a bit nervous as to where the song was going and then…

Update 2.27.09: The next Dave Matthews Band studio album, scheduled for release on June 2, 2009 will be titled Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King

If you are a Dave Matthews fan and use Twitter, you will be delighted to know that Dave set up an account just over a week ago and is actively tweeting. He is currently in Brazil with the band as they have 3 shows schedule there this week. I know some high profile Twitter accounts aren’t actually updated by the celebrity themselves, but these tweets so far are Dave for sure. He does the twit pic thing pretty often and some even include pictures of his buddies Tim Reynolds and Carter Beaufort on a boat. It appears they are all in good spirits and are doing well after the recent loss of their dear friend LeRoi Moore.

Dave currently has just under 2000 followers but that is sure to grow. I think celebrities on Twitter is a trend we will be seeing a lot more of. I hope he sticks with the frequent updates after this trip. It’s a rather unique perspective into his life and personality which has always been a little bit quirky.

Dave Matthews album and Twitter update.



  1. how is Dave’s nick? I want to follow him

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