Posted by: mrpeatie | September 10, 2008

Hurricane Pictures From Space

I marvel at the beauty of a fully formed, spiraling hurricane. They are living, breathing things as they methodically trek across the seas. And while the view from the ground is fear-inducing, the view from space is simply majestic.’s The Big Picture Blog has a series of amazing photographs of hurricanes taken from either the space station or space shuttle. The pics range from current storms like Ike on September 4 when it was a Category 4 monster, to storms from a few years back like Ivan and Isabel.

The Big Picture Blog does some awesome stuff. You may recall the Iowa flood photo gallery I posted about a few months back. There is also an impressive set of scenes from Iraq currently posted in their recent entries.

If you get geeked out by these photos, you can view more storm images from the NOAA page including this impressive picture of Hurricane Katrina. It’s much more impressive in all its 1280×960 glory. Thanks to Chad for directing me to these neat resources.


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