Posted by: mrpeatie | August 21, 2008

A Sad Time for DMB and Its Fans

Leroi Moore 1961 - 2008

Leroi Moore 1961 - 2008

Dave Matthews Band saxophonist and founding member Leroi Moore passed away on Tuesday afternoon due to sudden complications stemming from an ATV accident back in June. The news has understandably devastated the band, crew, and DMB family. It was also a shock to the DMB community, many of whom assumed Leroi was well on his way to getting better a month after the accident.

Surprisingly, the band went ahead with its two scheduled shows this week in Los Angeles. From the road page notes:

As we sat this afternoon contemplating the loss of our brother, we wondered how we could possibly do a show today. Dave put it into perspective stating, “There’s no place I’d rather be than here with you guys right now.” We cherish special memories of our lost friend. Tonight, Dave told a story about LeRoi at a bar in Virginia where the cash register was near the stage and LeRoi leaned on the register because “standing had become a chore”. Roi proceeded to play the most beautiful version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Dave said, “that was the day I fell in love with him. And I’m still in love with him.” It’s safe to say we all were in love with him. “It’s always easier to leave, than to be left.” -DM

The DMB Crew
Wednesday, August 20
12:27 AM PDT

How this event will shape and alter the band’s future plans remain to be seen. One thing is for sure, The Dave Matthews Band that fans have grown to love over years will never be the same.



  1. […] If you are a Dave Matthews fan and actively use Twitter, you will be delighted to know that Dave set up an account just over a week ago and is actively tweeting. He is currently in Brazil with the band as they have 3 shows schedule there this week. I know some high profile Twitter accounts aren’t actually updated by the celebrity themselves, but these tweets so far are Dave for sure. He does the twit pic thing pretty often and some even include pictures of his buddies Tim Reynolds and Carter Beaufort on a boat. It appears they are all in good spirits and are doing well after the recent loss of their dear friend LeRoi Moore. […]

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