Posted by: mrpeatie | July 31, 2008

The Games of the XXIX Olympiad

The 2008 Olympic Games commence next Friday in Beijing with the opening ceremonies taking place at the magnificent Beijing National Stadium (more famously known as the bird’s nest). These games will be fascinating, offering a wide array of unique storylines from the competition, to the politics, to even the weather.

This is a figurative coming out party for the Chinese people. After centuries of isolation and reclusiveness from the rest of the world, the Communist nation is finally opening up (albeit just a little bit) and letting the rest of the world in for these games. The countries scorching economic growth and increased power on the world stage over the last two decades have led to this moment.

Beijing National Stadium aka the bird's nest

Beijing National Stadium aka the bird's nest

China has spared no expense to make sure these games go smoothly. The price tag on the new facilities and general infrastructure is staggering. The measures taken to limit the horrendous pollution in Beijing are truly amazing. The government has forced companies to shut down factories within 100 miles of the city. They banned any and all construction, and they will cut the amount of cars allowed on the road before and during the games in half. In city with over 17 million people, that’s a lot of people having to figure out some other way to get around.

Then there are the athletes. The Olympics always seem to provide such compelling drama unlike anything we see from our normal sports here in the states. These games will be no different. Time has a great article on the top 100 athletes to watch. There’s the obvious ones listed that you probably already know about (Lebron James, Michael Phelps), but do you know about China’s most popular athlete Liu Xiang going for gold in the 110m hurdles of all events? Then there is 41 year old American swimmer Dara Torres who is faster now then she was back at the 1988 Olympics. Or how about Britain’s Tom Daley who will be attending his first Olympic games by competing in the 10m platform dive. What’s his story? He’s 14.

There should be something for everyone at these Games.



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