Posted by: mrpeatie | July 29, 2008

Read Faster with Spreeder

I stumbled upon this handy application last night that will help you read faster. It’s not some gimmick that teaches you to skim articles or anything. There is actually science behind it and it does work. The science part is pretty straightforward. When you read, your brain subvocalizes the words which means it goes through the process of preparing to vocalize them, but just doesn’t send the signal to your vocal chords (you actually read at the same pace you speak because of this). This is time consuming. You also loose speed scanning words on a page.
This application flashes one word at a time really quickly and teaches your brain to give up on subvocalizing and removes the eye scanning dilemma allowing you to read faster. Apparently your brain is really good at this and most people pick up on it quickly.
Just paste text from an article into the box and hit go. The default speed is 300 wpm which is a bit slow and you may not see a benefit. Good place to start, but you can bump it up to 500 wpm, 800, or higher (click settings to adjust). It works best for articles you want to get through quickly (news, sports, gossip). Anything really important, you may want to read the old fashion. The first few seconds are a bit overwhelming, but stick with it and you will be amazed how your brain picks up on it and how fast you can actually read.
Give it try –


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