Posted by: mrpeatie | July 24, 2008

Toastmasters Oscars

And the Oscar goes to…Me! That’s right, I won an Oscar earlier this week in Toastmasters. It’s not quite as glamorous as it sounds, but who doesn’t like receiving awards and accolades. I took home the Best Toastmaster of the Day award for my performances leading several meetings over the last year. I was also nominated for Best Table Topics Question for my topic on 6.24.08. Can I put this on my mid-year review?

Each winner had to give a 1-2 minute acceptance speech that took the place of table topics for the meeting. We even doled out a Lifetime Achievement Award to our most seasoned and accomplished Toastmaster. The presenter completed a speech by giving out this award. Heck, we even had a red carpet!

The meeting was organized, fun, and went tremendously well. I would highly recommend your Toastmasters club do something similar on an annual basis. You don’t need to do the full blown Oscar theme. Any sort of ‘Best of’ award meeting will do. Our executive committee came up with a dozen or so awards and allowed others to make up any categories as they see fit. Nominations were taken from the entire club for each category and everyone then voted in the weeks leading up to the meeting. The neat part is that you can completely make up awards so that everyone in your club wins something (or at least gets nominated) so folks don’t feel left out.

It was a great change of pace from our normal, structured meetings. We managed to do it all within the one hour time allotment as well. Kudos to the executive committee and anyone else who played a part in putting this wonderful meeting together. Hopefully this will be an annual event. If you have any questions or would like some more detailed information on how our club pulled this off, please let me know.



  1. Dear Chris: Way to go! Proud of you and proud of your toastmasters club that appears to be exciting and creative. It appears that all of you have a lot of fun. Keep it up. Best wishes. Subbi

    • Subbi, I hope you are not endorsing the activities of Phillip Woody. He is a sexual predator of great skill.

  2. Toastmasters, is this the organisation that Phillip Woody is a member of?
    He is a sexual predator of great skill.
    Beware if you are a member of this organisation. He is out there and has taken new victims with regularity.

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