Posted by: mrpeatie | July 23, 2008

Jump Onboard the Hype Train

Here we go again. Clemson has been picked to win the ACC this year. They received 59 out of the 65 votes to win the division and received 51 votes to win the ACC Championship.

Every off-season Clemson’s football team gets hyped up by its fans to achieve greatness. “This is the year” they always say. They talk about the recruiting class and some high school kid who scored 88 touchdowns in one game and how everything is coming together this season for a national championship run. And every fall we are let down by a team that can’t quite compete with the elite teams of the ACC let alone the country. The Virginia Tech game last season is a perfect example. Clemson fans watched their beloved Tigers head into that pivotal matchup with momentum and a chance to stake their claim to the ACC championship game. We didn’t just loose, we got outplayed, out coached and utterly embarrassed on national TV no less.

This happens every year too. Most of the hype usually emanates from the fan base so I’m even more worried now that other coaches and analysts are predicting success for the Tigers this year. I’ve been let down too many times before with this team. Even after last year’s Virginia Tech debacle, Clemson found themselves at home against Boston College with the winner going to the ACC championship game. Clemson dominated almost every aspect of the game but couldn’t pull away. One mistake here, or a turnover there kept BC in it. It should have been a convincing win. Instead, 88,000 fans watched as a hopeless 60 yard field goal attempt for the win fell short as time expired along with all our hopes and dreams of a conference championship.

Despite all this, even the most jaded Tiger fan has to admit there are reasons for all this pre-season press. The Tigers have a lot of talent, especially on offense. The ACC isn’t as deep as it once was as normal powerhouses like Florida State and Miami find themselves struggling for every win. And finally, the schedule sets up pretty well for early season success and momentum before the bigger games later in the year.

We’ll find out pretty quick how the Tigers will shape up this season. They open on August 30 in Atlanta against Alabama, a team from a conference (SEC) that knows something about what it takes to win.



  1. Chris-things could be worse, you could be a Gamecock fan

  2. […] is #1 Again Hot of the heels of being picked to finish atop the ACC this year, Clemson is the king of yet another ranking. Tiger Town tops the 2009 list of the Top 10 […]

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