Posted by: mrpeatie | July 18, 2008

It’s Not Just Me

Others are worried about their online reputation too. has an article about a company that helps folks remedy any negative information about them that gets posted online and shows up in search results. The article isn’t that good and is mostly a big advertisement for the company’s services which are pricey. It’s mostly for celebs, politicians, and other folks in the public limelight. The comments on Digg, however, are much more entertaining.

Your online reputation is an issue that you should be aware of. You should know what information about you is out there, both accurate and inacurate, and how to manage it.

I have a similar plight in that a serial rapist comes up as one of the top results when you search my name. I started this blog in an attempt to combat that douchebag’s America’s Most Wanted profile. I have made a lot of progress, but still a ways to go before I come out on top.


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