Posted by: mrpeatie | July 15, 2008

Local Randomness

Or is it random localness? Either way I recently came across a handful of local stories that you may have missed and might find mildly interesting.

First is the downtown Apple Store. I heard about this a few months ago but they never gave any firm dates on when it might open. It seems the 301 King Street location (where Cumberland’s used to be) is nearing completion and rumors say it could be open next month. If you missed out on the 3G iPhone release, maybe you can pick one up next month at the downtown location.

Next up is some much needed road widening on I-26. It seems the stretch of highway from the 526 interchange to the Ashley Phosphate exit will be expanded from 3 lanes to 4. While they claim no work will be done during peak hours, the speed limit will be reduced to 45mph and all those wonderful cones and traffic barrels will undoubtedly make traveling down this stretch of road at rush hour even more joyful then it already is. Visit the project website for more detailed information.

And finally, they have begun the beach renourishment project at Wild Dunes. You may recall the hullabaloo this created last year. This issue was that local tax payers didn’t want to help pay for the renourishing of a beach that is within the private, gated community of Wild Dunes.

(photo by Brad Nettles/The Post and Courier)

You can read more about these and other local stories at It’s a slick news website bringing you all local stories. Check it out sometime. They do good work.



  1. Apple’s site says the grand opening for our King Street store is Saturday, July 26 at 10 a.m.

  2. […] Post: I26 Construction and Ginn Tribute Quick follow up to two previous posts. First is the I26 construction. The much needed road widening project from the I526/I26 interchange to Ashley Phosphate was […]

  3. We appreciate the link to our project information website. Thanks for helping get the word out about this important information source about the I-26 project.

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