Posted by: mrpeatie | July 3, 2008

Tropics are Heating Up

We are just over a month into the 2008 Hurricane Season and it has been a quiet one thus far, as it should be. There has been some recent activity in the Atlantic however. Tropical depression two recently formed just off the coast of Africa and is likely to develop into a tropical storm which would be named Bertha. It is waaaay out at sea and could strengthen into a hurricane. It is not currently forecasted to affect land in any way. There is also a low pressure area being monitored just southwest of Jamaica.

Over in the East Pac (that’s what the cool Weather Channel peeps call the Eastern Pacific) things are even more active. Tropical Storm Boris is slowly fading out to sea after briefly making it to hurricane status. Tropical Storm Douglas is trying to get its act together and there is a yet another area of disturbance that is being monitored just southwest of Douglas.

None of these storms currently pose any threat to the mainland US and shouldn’t cause you any worry. They should, however, serve as a reminder that we are heading into the meat of the hurricane season when storms will start forming more frequently increasing the chances they could affect us and you need to be prepared.

If you are looking for information on the tropics, is easily one of the best places to go. The above image is from their site. It has all kinds of other maps, satellite images, and discussions on every disturbance that pops up. And if you are really geeked out by this tropical weather stuff like I am, check out Dr. Jeff Masters Wunderblog.



  1. Ugh, now it seems the storm may not vear north as originally expected and they are saying there is now a possibility the storm could affect the US. Still a long way out but the forecast is uncertain. Stay tuned.

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