Posted by: mrpeatie | June 30, 2008

Hazaah to Spain

Euro 2008 concluded with yesterday’s final game between Spain and Germany. Fernando Torres scored the game winning goal for the Spanish side with a crafty touch in the 33rd minute. The goal and Spain’s 1-0 victory instantly sent an entire country into a state of euphoria. The victory ends a 44 year winless drought for Spain who have endured decades worth of letdowns and disappointment at this level of international soccer.

The entire tournament was a great success offering some compelling football and great storylines.  Turkey’s amazing run included some of the most memorable comebacks in soccer history. Most of the games were won by effort and goals and not by bookings, fake injuries, and penalty kicks that too often plagued the ’06 World Cup matches.

Mine only gripe comes with the broadcast. For the 2nd weekend in a row ABC aired pivotal matches and both times the matches were frequently interrupted with storm updates. My screen was covered with a cornucopia of warnings and watches that messed up the high definition feed forcing me to watch the game in…gasp…regular definition. We have a probe doing research on the surface of Mars, but we can’t have a HD broadcast and weather warning graphics on the screen at the same time…really? 


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