Posted by: mrpeatie | June 27, 2008

DMB Concert Update

We are a week away from the much anticipated 4th of July Dave Matthews Band concert at Joe Riley Stadium. The summer tour is off to a great start and has featured some epic set lists. Some important details for the Charleston show have been let known from the local law enforcement and concert officials.

Stadium parking lots will open at 3pm with the gates to the stadium opening at 5:30. This will leave eager concert goers several hours to do…absolutely nothing as there will be no tailgating. This is was to be expected though. They’ve been cracking down on this for a year now and even limited the tailgating for Citadel football games that take place nearby.

I am a bit concerned about the general admission field section. The stadium lists the seating capacity at 6,000. The cited article says 15,000 tickets were sold which leaves 9,000 people to fill the field. Is it me or does that seem like A LOT?

I was trolling a forum on a DMB fan site and came across this picture and caption from the 96 Wave concert that was held at the stadium a few years back.

Not being able to go to the bathroom, having people piss in cups next to you, crazy old hippies coming up and trying to take your spot in the front, douchebags fighting each other, people passing out. Nope not again. I want to have a pleasurable fourth than have to deal with that nonsense.

Uggh. I really hope things won’t be that bad next Friday. If you are going to be in attendance, please freshen up on your concert etiquette.


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