Posted by: mrpeatie | June 25, 2008

Fun with Fortune Cookies

What ever happened to fortune cookie fortunes? They used to witty, enlightening, and even thought provoking. Nowadays they are bland, insipid, and half the time they aren’t even really fortunes. And when and why did they start adding lottery numbers? That’s just lame.

I was at Mama Fu’s for lunch today with a group of coworkers and at the end of the meal we all eagerly ripped apart our fortune cookies to read the potential wisdom that we might find hidden within. What we found was boring tripe. Here’s a taste:

Everybody feels lucky for having you as a friend.

Your artistic talents win the approval and applause of others.

Always accept yourself the way you are.

Working with children has a miraculous effect on your spirits.

Whatever excitement there was quickly faded as nobody even read their uninspiring fortunes out loud. The moment was ruined – that is until our newest colleague saved the day by recommending we use and old trick to spruce up the fortunes. Simply add the words ‘in bed’ at the end of each one.

Maybe it had to do with the relatively low maturity level of the group I was with, but we all laughed heartily as we read our fortunes allowed. Try it next time you come across a boring fortune.



  1. “relatively low maturity level”…ouch!


  2. I include myself in that statement.

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