Posted by: mrpeatie | June 24, 2008

Table Topics 6.24.08

Due to some routine slackness on my part, I found out only yesterday that I was to be responsible for table topics questions at our Toastmasters meeting this morning. I normally like to let a topic percolate for a long time before coming up with questions. I kept things pretty simple for these questions and went with a movie theme.

For those unfamiliar with table topics, I call on a person randomly in our Toastmasters meeting, give them one of these question, and they then have to immediately stand up in front of the 20+ person crowd and give their answer for 1-2 minutes. Ready. Go.

  1. What classic movie from back in the day, that maybe we all missed or just haven’t seen in a while, would you recommend that we check out again?
  2. How do you feel about all these movie remakes? Is there a movie, book, or tv show from your childhood that you would like to see either re-made or adapted to the big screen?
  3. What movie sequel, past or present, lived up to your expectations and was as good, if not better, then the original?

I enjoyed giving these questions because they are pretty simple to answer. Nobody really struggled coming up with subject matter and everyone was able to talk for the minimum allotted time which was my goal. What would you have said? Check out the comments for the answers that were given for the meeting.




  1. Toastmaster 1 recommended The Wizard of Oz and suggested we steer clear of Return to Oz. I didn’t know they even made a sequel.

    Toastmaster 2 was equally against all the remakes and sequels. I mentioned the rumor of a Princess Bride remake in my lead up to the question and she focused on her disdain for such a remake saying the original is perfect and shouldn’t be messed with.

    Toastmaster 3 picked a classic sequel in Godfather II. She also made mention of some of the Rocky sequels but not V or VI. If I had to answer this one Empire Strikes Back and Terminator 2 would top any list I came up with.

  2. The classic movie from back in the day that everyone must see again is Do The Right Thing. Next year this film turns 20, but it’s message (depending on what you see) is still relevant today.

    Impact aside, the mechanics of the film itself are untouchable. Every word, angle, color, and sound mean something – nothing is filler. Plus, it’s summer, and it’s hot – that’s what it’s all about baby!

    Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

  3. […] meetings over the last year. I was also nominated for Best Table Topics Question for my topic on 6.24.08. Can I put this on my mid-year […]

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