Posted by: mrpeatie | June 23, 2008

Create Life With Spore

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own life form and see how it would evolve, adapt, and survive then Spore is the game for you. Coming out in September and designed by The Sims creator Will Wright, Spore is a wild game that will allow the player to control the evolution of a creature you create from its beginnings on the cellular level, through its evolution and development into social creatures and eventually into space exploration.

The potential is there for this to be an epic and engaging game that transforms the PC and video game landscape much like The Sims did.

In a brilliant stroke of marketing, they recently released the creature creator portion of the game. You can download a free trial version and create your own concoction. The free trial is limited in features but there are still lots of options and you can also purchase a more robust version for a small fee. They also gave out the trial version to a group of celebrities and had them post their creations. Check ‘em out here.

I had a good time creating my guy. Pics here are my first creation. Took about 30 minute of messing around and there was lots of fun stuff to do when your done.  I was fascinated by the potential for the game. Every detail of my creature, it eyes, mouth location, hands, legs, will all have a huge impact on how it evolves and survives in this virtual world.


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