Posted by: mrpeatie | June 8, 2008

DMB Concert Update

There’s been some interesting updates to the Dave Matthews Band concert on July 4. Well, interesting if you are a DMB fan and will be attending the show anyways.

DMB kicked off their 52 show summer tour on May 31st in Burggettstown, PA. Just two days prior to that, the band announced that keyboardist and unofficial band member Butch Taylor would no longer be touring with the band. Butch had performed with the band for over a decade. He added a unique amount of depth and style to the band’s repertoire of music with his smooth and intricate keyboarding skills. His sound will be missed, but the band‘s dynamic makeup and penchant for having guests like Rashawn Ross, John Mayer, and Tim Reynolds will more then fill the void left by Mr. Taylor.

Which brings me to some unofficial news. After some crafty interweb sleuthing by Snug T, it seems Tim Reynolds will be coming to Charleston to perform his TR3 gig at the Pour House on July 3…just one day before the DMB show at Joe Riley Stadium.  Tim has collaborated with Dave since the early days in Charlottesville, VA. He’s appeared with the band on several studio albums and has played on tour with them for many years.  The fact that their summer plans have them performing in the same town on the same weekend virtually guarantees that Tim will be gracing us with his versatile and often mesmerizing sound at the concert on July 4.



  1. Dayum…now I actually want to go!

  2. I’m selling tickets dude. check meebee if you’re serious. I’d be willing to include a blogger discount.

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