Posted by: mrpeatie | May 27, 2008

Did You See the Aerial Tornado Footage?

May is usually the busiest of months for tornadoes in the United States. There were some recent outbreaks in Colorado, Arkansas, and more traditional areas like Oklahoma. On May 24, a local camera crew riding in a helicopter in Hennessey, Oklahoma caught this footage of a tornado from the air. Most tornado footage you see comes from storm chasers on the ground so it’s quite rare to see a tornado from this perspective and it’s quite magnificent. Luckily it hits mostly trees and farmland.

The twister does eventually come into contact with some farm structures which don’t fair so well. It’s actually quite frightening to see how quickly and easily this relatively mild tornado just slices through these buildings, tossing debris hundreds of yards.

Tornado 1 – Farm Structures 0


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