Posted by: mrpeatie | May 8, 2008

Mother Nature

Mother Nature can produce some amazing shit. Check out the almost movie like pictures below. They are from a recent volcano eruption in Chile. Here is what is going on:

As clouds of toxic ash and dust tower into the sky, they ionise the air, generating an explosive electrical storm. Colossal forks of lightning spark around the noxious plume as it spews from the volcano’s crater, creating an image of raw, terrifying energy – as if the air itself were ablaze. Photos by Carlos Gutierrez.

Mother Nature can also be a real bitch. That cyclone that hit Burma did some serious damage to the low lying delta region of that country. It also didn’t help that the government failed to warn its citizen of the approaching category three storm even though it got warnings from India two days prior. Below is a before and after image from NASA of the region. It’s frightening to see how far inland the water actually went and how much still hasn’t receded.



  1. […] Mother Nature is back in the news. She must be PMSing this week or something. Hot on the heels of a volcano eruption in Chile, a deadly tornado outbreak in the US, and a devastating cyclone in the Indian Ocean, we get a […]

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