Posted by: mrpeatie | May 2, 2008

Concert Etiquette

With the Dave Matthews Band concert at Joe Riley Stadium just a few months away, this could be a return to the concert scene for many an older DMB fan. For instance, I haven’t been to a DMB show since 1999 and the last real large concert I went to was Widespread Panic in 2004.

In any situation where masses of people gather there is a lot that other people can do to piss you off and ruin the experience. Add alcohol and drugs and you can almost guarantee someone there will piss you off. Some folks are just naturally inclined to be asshats and there is no hope. Other people may just be naïve and not know what they are doing is ruining the concert experience for someone else.

This is a great blog post I found on that list 10 ways people can ruin a concert experience for others. If you are going to the DMB show (or any show in the near future for that matter) check this list out and make sure your behavior is in check.

Please…don’t be one of these asshats.



  1. […] Uggh. I really hope things won’t be that bad next Friday. If you are going to be in attendance, please freshen up on your concert etiquette. […]

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