Posted by: mrpeatie | April 15, 2008

Help End the Scourge of Forwarded Emails

From this moment henceforth, can we all please assume EVERY SINGLE email forwarded to you with outlandish claims of prosperity, or with warnings about computer viruses that will blow up your computer, are false. From fake kids with terminal diseases, to the lies about political candidates, and even poisonous spiders living in your toilet, it’s almost always NOT TRUE. Those beloved Darwin Award stories, while entertaining, aren’t true. Bill Gates will not send you a check for forwarding a damn email. The man didn’t make billions of dollars by writing checks.

I received my second email forward this week and it’s only Tuesday morning. I will admit the frequency of these emails has dwindled over the last couple of years, but I’m amazed how often they continue to be circulated. They are often the same damn story you read 5 years ago with slightly different details.

One of the greatest web sites every created (I am not exaggerating here) is The site has done the research and determined if these stories and claims in these emails are true or not. They are mostly all false. In fact, I can only recall researching one email over the last several years and found it to be true. Every other one has been false or exaggerated beyond belief.

So please, bookmark it, write it down, make it your homepage, and pass it along to others… Type in some detail about the email you received in the search box and quickly research these emails before you spam friends and family.



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