Posted by: mrpeatie | April 11, 2008

They’re Pickled Cucumbers Gawdammit

Up until a few years ago I never knew that pickles were actually cucumbers. I thought pickles were pickles and that’s why we call them pickles. Silly me. When this shocking revelation became public knowledge at work, it led to much embarrassment and ridicule from coworkers. I put up with an inordinate amount of jokes around my naivety on this matter. I guess I was sick the day they taught us this at school or something. I argued vehemently that pickles should be called pickled cucumbers because every other food item that goes through the pickling process is called a pickled whatever. I mean it’s a pickled egg and pickled okra. Why do cucumbers not deserve the same amount of respect and acknowledgement? It baffled me then, it baffles me now.

The emotional scars from these events have since healed and the story makes for some quality, self-deprecating humor. It came up at lunch this afternoon and I thought I’d post something about it to see if maybe, possibly, someone else out there didn’t know that pickles were actually cucumbers in disguise.



  1. Don’t forget about those floating holidays too…

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