Posted by: mrpeatie | April 9, 2008

Table Topics 4.9.08

I made a George Forman like comeback to Toastmasters yesterday morning. Well, I’m exaggerating a bit, it wasn’t really that epic, but I had missed the last several meetings and it was good to be back.

I was glad I didn’t get called on to answer the table topics question though. Man, was it hard. The questions were given by the crafty gentlemen who won the Table Topics contest back in February by answering the question I posed.

What he did was display a very random (and poorly created) MS paint job and the person he selected had to discuss the artwork, come up with a ficticious name of the artist, and then discuss the artists’ motivation and inspiration behind the work. These kind of questions that require you to literally make up every aspect of your response are very challenging and can rattle even the most seasoned Toastmaster.

Take a look at the images below and see if you can quickly talk for 90 seconds about them. It’s not easy. I do have to say the three ladies who answered did a magnificent job. I was extremely impressed with their poise and creativity making up such coherent responses on the fly.  



  1. I agree, this was one of the most challenging table topics sessions I have ever witnessed although I’m still convinced the last one is really a magic eye poster. “It’s not a schooner… it’s a sailboat.”

  2. Gawd I hate magic eyes. I was one of those people that could NEVER get them to work. To this day, I still think they are a scam and all you people that claim to see something are just making it up.

  3. My sone would argue about the “poorly created” comment, but his latest works have shown vast improvement. 😉

  4. […] with you this morning. It was a doozey. The Toastmaster who came up with it was the same one I blogged about several months ago when I was impressed with his challenging and creative questions back then. All 5 contestants […]

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